Buttery Smooth Experience

Enjoy up to a 4K display through our dedicated top of the line virtual machines. Rely on it for editing, gaming, whatever it is you need.



  • Full HD - 60 FPS

    Enjoy the full experience in 60 FPS and Full HD with crystal clear graphics.

  • Save Your Money

    Why waste your money on a powerful PC when you can rent one and pay so much less?

  • Click & Play

    No need to download anything. Just choose a game and play immediately!

  • No Lag, No Freezing

    Play smoothly without worrying about lag or freezes thanks to our dedicated servers.

  • Cross Platform

    You can use Holonex on a Mac, Android, iOS or PC device with ease.

  • Expansive Library Selection

    Choose from a wide selection of video games to play at any time you want!

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Play all your favorite games wherever you are.

You can play any video game of your choice so long as you own it, and then stream it directly to your favorite device wherever you are! This will allow you to utilize Holonex remotely, and never have to think about upgrading your PC ever agian.

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